Want to be an award winner?

June 3, 2020

By MOSAIC Communications Staff

We’re looking to be overwhelmed with applications for four awards – and heads up, there’s a June 19 deadline to fill out and send the nominations!

Applications are now being accepted for nominations for three MOSAIC awards designed to embrace Canada’s diversity, and for one award to a current MOSAIC client or volunteer. Information on each award and links to application forms can be found here.

A synopsis of the story of Krishnaveni Thamarai Selvan — 2019’s Dr. Kes Chetty Award winner – is shared below. The $1,000 Dr. Kes Chetty Award is presented to a MOSAIC client, immigrant or refugee who wants to pursue academic or vocational studies. Financial need, a commitment to enriching the Canadian community, and academic standing will be considered. The award will be made on the recommendation of MOSAIC staff.

Krishnaveni’s Story

Krishnaveni Thamarai Selvan relocated from India to Canada in 2018.  It was a bold move as she was on her own, with no support network and just the will to start life from scratch.

Krishnaveni’s life hadn’t been an easy one. She faced a daily struggle, experiencing discrimination throughout her life because of gender, caste, race, financial status and background.  Her choices were limited, and many of her aspirations were crushed, but she continued to believe strongly in women’s empowerment and equality. And her family was supportive and encouraging throughout her journey.

Researching the requirements to migrate to Canada, Krishnaveni realized she was not only eligible but also ranked high for the Express Entry program. She arrived in Canada in September 2018, with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and over six years of experience.

Krishnaveni learned about MOSAIC even before she landed and accessed an array of services, including: Settlement Pre-arrival Services, Immigrant Women’s Employment Readiness Connections program, Career Paths program and Workplace Connections Mentoring program.

In her own words: “Never did I know that from the second day of my journey here in Canada until today, MOSAIC would have my back and be there with me like my family. Right from my settlement here – helping me find a rental, MSP, tax filing, making me understand the Canadian work culture, job search, developing all the necessary skills, advising me on improving my career with the help of case managers and mentors — MOSAIC’s support is never ending. I could go on and on with all that Canada has gifted me so far.”

Krishnaveni has natural leadership skills, and paired with her warm and charismatic personality made her a deserving candidate for MOSAIC’s Dr. Kes Chetty Award only one year after her arrival to Canada.

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