Their Future Starts with You

The MOSAIC Family Centre is a critical gathering place for refugees with children (aged 0-6) that prepares them for a smooth transition to the school system. Parents benefit from a caring support system and get help with health, nutrition, education and language programs, with fresh daily meals and snacks.

The Family Centre has over 2,000 participants benefiting each year, receiving lunch and attending Teaching Kitchen. Over 1,000 of the participants are children. For many of the children and families, it is the only hot meal they will have each day.

“My kids are doing great because of the Family Centre. They started reading before going to school. One of the things I learned was how important early learning was. I learned about cooking, my rights and responsibilities as a Canadian Citizen. I was empowered by the staff. They were a role model for me.”

Amal from Sudan
(former client of MOSAIC Family Centre)

You can help! The MOSAIC Family Centre needs your generous support to be able to serve all these families this year.

How your donation makes an impact:

● $1,000 – feeds and assists a family of 4 for a month
● $400 – provides 50 healthy school lunches
● $250 – a week of food and essentials for a family of 4
● $100 – provides a baby with diapers for 10 weeks

The Family Centre also provides one year of assisting each refugee family with their integration into Canadian society. Help families get the support, food and essentials they need to live happier, healthier lives in Canada.

Please give your kind support with a donation today. Thank you!

Support the MOSAIC Family Centre

Please donate to support the refugee families at MOSAIC Family Centre.