Through the fund, descendants and friends will be able to financially support refugees to Canada prior to the centennial date and celebrate this milestone with the knowledge that they have contributed to a legacy of freedom for refugees.

The Homeglen Legacy Fund chose MOSAIC as its partner because of their extensive experience assisting newcomers for more than 45 years, and to leverage MOSAIC’s status as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Mike Andruff, author of the book The Russian Refugees, is a descendant of one of those refugees. He was motivated to launch this initiative to pay it forward, given the support that his family received from other caring individuals.

“The descendants of the 116 refugees are now spread throughout Canada. It makes sense to partner with MOSAIC so we can pool funds through this website that MOSAIC will use to bring refugees to Canada,” said Andruff.

Funds donated to the Homeglen Legacy Fund will be directly designated towards the financial support of refugees that are privately sponsored to Canada by MOSAIC during their first year of settlement. This includes food, shelter, clothing and monthly income support, all basic needs in their new home.

Please donate today to give refugees the opportunities in Canada that they deserve.

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