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MOSAIC is a leader in making equitable, multicultural communities a reality through inclusion, diversity and compassion. Vulnerable and marginalized groups face extra difficulties in making a life for themselves in Canada.

Our impacts are felt in families and neighbourhoods throughout BC, Canada, and regions of the world where people are seeking freedom.

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You can help people like Anthony

Your donation supports and protects people like Anthony, who struggled to fit into Ugandan society as an LGBTQ person and an orphan.

When Anthony arrived in Canada, full of purpose, the team at MOSAIC helped prepare him for job searching and encouraged him to attend a job fair. He made such a good impression that he was hired on the spot. In just two months, he worked his way up from Dishwasher to Cook and has since gone on to complete his professional training at Vancouver Community College.

Anthony’s story in Canada started with the support of donors like you.

Ugandan LGBTQ person and an orphan supported by MOSAIC donors

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