Anger Management Care Program (AMCP)

Wellness Workshops for Men

A unique program for men offering Wellness Workshops and Psychoeducation Groups to learn more about anger management care. The program offers free resources and interpretation services to multilingual clients upon request.

To find out more and apply, check the eligibility criteria and the referral form below.


Any individual who identifies as male and has the desire to learn more about anger management care.

Options for referral may include:

  • Self referral

  • Friends/Family

  • Community agencies, BC Corrections, MCFD, local police offices

Program Description

Participants enrolled will gain an understanding of:

  • Types of anger and appropriate responses to it
  • Personal triggers and how to set healthy boundaries
  • Effective ways for managing stress and controlling emotions
  • Respectful communication for resolving conflicts
  • Techniques for healing

The program delivers Psychoeducation Groups and Wellness Workshops. Clients may enroll in one or both. See details below:

Psychoeducation Groups

Each group includes 5 men who meet with a facilitator 1-2 times a week, for a total of 8 sessions (60 minutes per session). This option requires the participant to be on a waitlist; the participant will be contacted once a group is available.

Wellness Workshops

Open to men and their support person(s) 1-2 times a month. Each workshop is 60 minutes long and can be online or in-person. Please visit the Upcoming Events section for the workshop dates.


Why is anger management critical?

While anger is normal and healthy, it is important to be in control of our emotions. Not managing anger can lead to physical illnesses, distant relationships, and violent actions.

How do I stop being angry?

Contrary to the belief that we need to stop anger, our focus is placed on management. Many techniques and strategies can help regulate anger, such as breathing exercises, redirecting thoughts, and assertive communication.

Will the wellness workshops be recorded?

There will be no recording available in any wellness workshops or psychoeducation groups. The Program Coordinator is dedicated to accommodating events based on your availability. We encourage you to contact them directly for assistance if you have any concerns or specific scheduling requests.

What if I want to learn more about anger management?

Program participants are encouraged to join the wellness workshops continually each month. In addition, many resources are available online. Please speak with the Program Coordinator if you would like additional information.


I understand my weakness now and willing to work get better at.

It was a relaxing experience and I enjoyed the breathing exercises very much. I appreciate the helpful support that was provided.

I think the anger management classes have helped me to be more kind and caring toward others and be more patient.

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