The Accessibility for Newcomers Program

Support for Newcomers with Disabilities

MOSAIC is an advocate for immigrants and refugees with disabilities. The Accessibility for Newcomers program connects them with employment and disability support services.

This program also aims to create a local network of accessibility and settlement service providers. This will support the City of Vancouver’s new Accessibility Strategy.

Services are available as one-on-one support and outreach to other programs. Together we can improve the lives of immigrants with disabilities in Vancouver.


This program is for immigrants and refugees who:

  • Have a self-disclosed disability

  • Live in the City of Vancouver

Program Description

Immigrant Support

Immigrants with disabilities will get access to a custom “service connection plan.” We provide timely cultural and language support so you can access settlement and community programs with ease.

We can also refer you to other programs, at MOSAIC or in the community, including:

  • Employment programs
  • Informational workshops
  • Legal clinics
  • Other disability support services

If you are an immigrant or refugee with a disability, call our Newcomer Referral Specialist (604-254-9626). We will give you the support and resources so you can play a meaningful role in your community.


The program also includes an advocacy program. First, we will lead a local network of accessibility and settlement providers. Second, we will seek opportunities for our clients to join community councils and action groups.

Our advocacy efforts will support the City of Vancouver’s Accessibility Strategy.

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