Sudanese Community Building Project (SCBP)

Confronting anti-black racism and promoting family well-being

Welcome to the Sudanese Community Building Project (SCBP), a program dedicated to creating inclusive and strong communities that stand against racism, shadeism, and various challenges affecting individuals and families. Our goal is to bridge communication gaps, strengthen family bonds, and help youth through initiatives like the Youth Leadership Group and sports activities.

We warmly invite youth, parents, families, and individuals from Sudan and other Black communities to join us in community-building events and support networks. Regardless of your background, everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to our shared goals of growth and solidarity.

Join us today and be part of creating a brighter future!



  • Everyone from Sudanese or Black community is welcome (no restrictions of citizenship status)

Program Description

What We Offer:

  • Dialogue/Storytelling Sessions for All Ages:

Engage in conversations for positive social change, fostering unity, empathy, and mutual support within individuals. These sessions are hosted in-person in a safe space where the participants share their experience for mutual learning, and be better equipped to address challenges together.

  • Interactive Youth Sessions and a Youth Leadership Group:

Participate in dynamic youth sessions facilitating open dialogue, skill development, and socializing. Through these sessions, we develop the Youth Leadership Group, which provides a platform for emerging young leaders, fostering responsibility and strength to the community.

  • Parenting Sessions:

Explore new parenting skills, techniques to navigate cultural differences, and address the unique needs and development of youth. These sessions offer valuable insights, bridging generational gaps between parents and youth, providing an environment for connection.

  • Sports Activities for Youth:

Promote physical well-being and teamwork amongst youth through sports activities. These activities are hosted on outdoor fields in collaboration with volunteer coaches. Facilitating sports activities like soccer and basketball to encourage positive behavior and build self esteem amongst youth. For more details, feel free to call us on 236-885-8596.

  • Referrals for Additional Support:

We can help you find support services that meet your needs (for example: employment programs, sports activities, settlement needs, and more). Our objective is to connect you with resources addressing specific challenges, ensuring holistic well-being for all.

Join Us Today: For more information or to get involved, kindly contact us at 236-885-8596. Let us collectively build a stronger and more connected community!

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Youth Leadership Against Racism and Shadeism
  • Enhancing Mental Health Awareness for Women & Parents
  • Bridging Intergenerational Gaps Through Communication
  • Understanding the Art of Parenting
  • Youth Sports Engagement and Wellness Workshops
  • Healing Circles Against Shadeism and Racism

Available at these locations

Our offices are located in Surrey and Vancouver, and our activities are conducted throughout Metro Vancouver (New Westminster, Richmond and others).


The Confronting Anti Black Racism and Shadeism – a Community Capacity Building Project for the Sudanese Community is funded by Canadian Heritage.

Upcoming Events

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