Moving Ahead Program (MAP)

Consistent, Months Long Support for Refugees and Immigrants with Multiple Barriers to Settlement

Are you having trouble settling in Canada? Our settlement services can help.

The Moving Ahead program supports newcomer youth, adults and families who have many needs and challenges affecting their settlement.

In your own language, staff help you learn about life in your community. Services are provided at home or in the community. Staff offer emotional support and counselling,  while providing settlement information.

To find out more and apply, check the eligibility criteria and the application form below.



The Moving Ahead Program services are for new Canadians who have:

  • Limited English or French skills
  • Housing/homelessness struggles
  • A lack of social support

  • Low level of education or none
  • Health issues
  • A lack of job-readiness and computer skills

  • Trouble adjusting to Canadian culture
  • Low income or financial difficulties

Program Description

About the Moving Ahead Program

Your Moving Ahead Program Case Manager can do home visits, come with you to appointments, offer workshops, and provide referrals.

They will also help you:

  • Create plans, processes, and keep track of your settlement
  • Get information about settlement
  • Join social events to practise English and meet new people
  • Explore job and career options
  • Learn life and leadership skills
  • Help you volunteer and join community events

Your Case Manager will help you access any resources you need to settle into Canadian life. Most immigrants join the program for one year.

Joining Moving Ahead

All registrants will do an assessment before joining the program. Those not eligible will be referred to other programs.

If you are referring yourself, a friend or a family member please complete the Self Registration Form.

If you are referring a client or patient, please complete the Agency Registration Form.

If you are between 16 and 28 and need settlement support, contact our Moving Ahead FreeRunning program for youths.

Available at these locations


If you are a newcomer in Canada…[the Moving Ahead Program] is the best way for you to reach your goals.


This program is supported by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and accredited through CARF.

To join, send the referral form to:

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