Private Refugee Sponsorship Program

MOSAIC is a Canadian leader in the resettlement of refugees in Canada. It’s part of a larger international humanitarian effort. We provide refugees with the support and tools to thrive in their new Canadian home.

We support refugees from all countries, ethnicities, faiths, and sexual orientations. We work to ensure that even those who are not talked about in the media are not forgotten.

Our Private Refugee Sponsorship program is recognized by the United Nations for its innovation and international partnerships.

Program Description

Operation #NotForgotten

Operation #NotForgotten (ONF) helps refugees not talked about in the media. We provide them with a way to resettle in Canada through MOSAIC’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program.

Learn more about Operation #NotForgotten.

Afghan Refugee Response

MOSAIC works with the community to provide meaningful resettlement support in Canada. Our goal is to resettle as many Afghan refugees as possible through private sponsorship between 2021-2024.

Other ways to help

  • Donate to MOSAIC’s Afghan Response fund
  • Donate grocery gift cards for refugees
  • Volunteer for refugee support programs (email us to volunteer)


It’s truly heartening to see the compassionate and dedicated support provided by MOSAIC’s staff throughout the sponsorship process. Their enthusiasm and genuine care for families seeking safety and refuge speak volumes about their commitment to making a difference in our lives.


Ads Up Canada, UNHCR, Refugee Council of Australia, Volunteers, The Shapiro Foundation, The Westin Foundation, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

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