MOSAIC CARES for Seniors

One-on-One Support for Seniors

CARES for Seniors helps older adults get help and support when they need it. We provide support to help you:

  • Improve your overall wellness
  • Get referrals for more help
  • Increase your confidence
  • Make day-to-day tasks easier

Your Seniors Community Connector and your volunteer buddy will help you with your health and well-being needs. They work alongside your health care providers to give you the physical and mental care you need to live a happy life in Canada.


Seniors can join this program if they are over age 65, living in Burnaby and meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have poor or declining physical or emotional health
  • Frequently visits the doctor or hospital

  • Low English skills or language barrier
  • Needs support to be independent
  • Newcomer senior

  • Feel isolated in their community
  • Want to increase their health and social skills

Program Description

Older adults in this program feel healthier and more connected to their community. They tell us that they:

  • Socialize more
  • Have more confidence in using seniors community services
  • Have higher health and well-being
  • Have a better quality of life
  • Do better with their day-to-day activities
  • Use the public healthcare system less

Services in the CARES program do not replace health care provider services. Please call your doctor or 811 for specific health or medical advice.

Seniors Club

The MOSAIC Seniors Club is for newcomer immigrants,  refugee-immigrants, age 55+, and seniors from all ethnic communities who want group support, learning, and activities.

Available at these locations

MOSAIC Settlement, Employment and Seniors Programs

315-7155 Kingsway, Burnaby BC V5E 2V1


What is CARES for Burnaby Seniors?

CARES for Burnaby Seniors (Social Prescribing) is a FREE, multilingual, non-clinical way to support older adults (65+) by addressing social challenges that may be affecting their health. Participants receive one-on-one information and referral sessions and supports to develop their wellness goals, overcome challenges and barriers, and to utilize senior services.

How does it work?
  • After a health provider, such as a family doctor, identifies an older adult who can benefit from Social Prescribing, they send a referral to MOSAIC. Then Zarif, our Community Connector will contact the senior who lives in Burnaby for an initial appointment and discuss what Social Prescribing is. When the client agrees to enroll in the program, they will sign a consent form.
  • Together with the Community Connector, the client will identify their own social challenges, needs, and interests. Community Connector and volunteers will follow up with the participants throughout their participation in the program and support them to overcome challenges, connect with the right services, and achieve their wellness goals.
Where can I access Social Prescribing Services in Burnaby?

MOSAIC Community Connector works from Highgate Village at 315-7155 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 2V1, but we can meet participants in the comfort of their homes or a nearby public space. We can also look for transportation arrangements for the participants who wish to participate in social groups and activities in MOSAIC or elsewhere.

If the Client lives in another city aside from Burnaby, there is a Community Connector assigned in their city.

Which services does Social Prescribing provide?
  • One-on-one information & referral sessions
  • Friendly phone calls/friendly home visits/walks
  • Emotional support
  • Wellness planning
  • Exploring nutrition/food security programs
  • Exploring social and physical activity programs


My liaison person, Zarif Akbarian is exceptionally kind, thoughtful, compassionate and eager to get to know me and my needs. I could not be more impressed with him.

I Can’t wait till this can happen to meet all the kind people at Mosaic and volunteers you have carefully selected for me Zarif, volunteer Emmet and the tech guy at Mosaic boundary and his wife and everyone who wrote meaningful letters.


CARES for Seniors is funded by the Government of BC and managed by United Way’s Health Aging programs – working in partnership with Fraser Health and other stakeholders in the community to support older adults live at their homes longer, and remain active and engaged in their communities

Contact Information

315-7155 Kingsway, Burnaby BC V5E 2V1

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