Multicultural Victim Services

Victim Support from a Multicultural Perspective

If you have been the victim of a crime, we can help you. Our Multicultural Victim Services provides emotional support, information about your rights, and referrals for those living in Vancouver and Burnaby. You do not need to report a crime to the police to receive help.

This program serves the specific needs of multicultural and immigrant peoples. We can also:

  • Collaborate with police-based victim services
  • Help with safety assessment and planning
  • Provide legal and support service referrals

Support is available in English and Vietnamese.


Services are available for victims of crime living in Vancouver and Burnaby, irrespective of gender or immigration statuses

Program Description

Get confidential 1-to-1 support from our victim support workers. We are here to listen, answer your questions, and help you understand your options.

We can also make referrals to other services as needed. If you need someone to come with you to other support or legal appointments, we can help. This may include legal meetings, police visits, and community support services.

We can help by:

  • Listening to your story
  • Providing resources to deal with trauma
  • Creating action and safety plans
  • Providing information on abuse and crime, legal, housing, healthcare, and mental health options
  • Supporting and advocating for you when talking with police or lawyers
  • Referring you to other community resources
  • Assisting with paperwork, or a Crime Victim Assistance Program application

Who is a victim?

A victim is someone who has been:

  • Assaulted or hurt in a relationship (spouse, partner, family) or by a stranger
  • Robbed of personal belongings
  • Stalked or harassed by a stranger or an ex-partner
  • Abducted
  • Afraid in a relationship (spouse, partner, family) because of possessive and controlling behaviour
  • Forced to do something or threatened with loss of custody, or immigration/sponsorship status

Available at these locations


5575 Boundary Road
Vancouver, B.C., Canada  V5R 2P9


This program is supported by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

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