MOSAIC Engage IELTS Test Centre

Study English with MOSAIC Engage

MOSAIC Engage offers General and Academic IELTS Testing at 4 convenient locations in Vancouver and Surrey. We offer traditional IELTS on-paper tests and, for extra fast results in as few as 2 days, IELTS on the computer.

We also off IELTS preparation classes available for your best results in the exam.

Available at these locations

Commercial Drive

206 – 2555 Commercial Drive 

BC, V5N 4C2

Monday – Friday

11:00 AM – 3 PM

Surrey- Newton

7134 King George Blvd – Suite 200, Surrey

BC, V3W 5A3

Monday – Friday

11:00 AM – 3 PM


Do I have to pay? How much?

Yes, this test is paid. But we don’t charge taxes, which is different from any other IELTS Test Centres

It’s $ 340 = all inclusive.

The IELTS test fee is the same for both versions of the test (Academic and General Training).

Is there any eligibility requirement?

No, we take all categories of newcomers. Also you can come from any part of Canada and do not need to be living in the Lower Mainland.

What do I need to register for IELTS and to bring to the test?

To register for your IELTS test you will need a valid ID. The ID has to be a valid passport or a Canadian Permanent Residence Card. No other ID documents are accepted. You will need to upload it on your account. And you will need to bring this physical document to the test.

Can I cancel or postpone my IELTS registration or apply for a re-marking of my test?

You may cancel until 14 days before your test. Please check out our cancellation and refund policy.

Regarding the re-mark, yes, you can apply for it. It is called an EOR (Enquiry on Results). Requests must be submitted within 6 weeks of the test. You need to pay an enquiry fee, which is fully refundable if your band score changes. Please see details in our EOR page.

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