The Men in Change Program

Men Supporting Healthy Relationships

The Men in Change program helps to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of domestic violence. This program encourages men to take responsibility for their actions and work toward change.

This program is available to men who want to take a step toward healthier relationships. We help men:

  • Understand relationship dynamics
  • Learn constructive ways to resolve conflict
  • Identify personal triggers
  • Develop stress management skills and strategies
  • Move past aggression, to identify and express a fuller range of emotions
  • Learn factors that contribute to domestic violence


To join this program, participants must:

  • Be an immigrant, refugee, or visible minority man who has used or is at risk of using violence in relationships

  • Have children under 19 (for the Vancouver program only)

Program Description

How to Apply

You can self-refer, come from a community services referral, or be referred through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

All applicants will be assessed to confirm their eligibility for the program.

To apply, please fill up the Referral Form or contact:

Dilyadav Singh, Coordinator, Men in Change Programs

Phone: 236-688-7750

Vancouver Program

The Vancouver program is for men with children under the age of 19:

Eligibility. Sessions are in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Certified interpreters may be available for other languages.

Schedule: Individual and group sessions are available.

  • Individual sessions: Weekdays, during office hours
  • 12 Group sessions (3 hours each): evenings or weekends

Surrey Program

The Surrey program offers group sessions only and does not require you to have children. Sessions are in English and Punjabi and certified interpreters may be available for other languages.

Schedule: 12 Group sessions are available on evenings and weekends (3 hours each).

We are adapting our services to deliver a combination of remote and in-person services.

Available at these locations


Men in this program have demonstrated the struggle to overcome their use of power and control in relationships. As a facilitator, I observed participants to be kind and respectful to me and to each other. Demonstrating respect is the key to respectful relationships

Before I joined this program, I never talked about my personal problems with anyone, I was too proud and thought that I should be in control and solve them myself. Learning from the group leaders and other men who were in the group with me has changed my life.

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Men in Change is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, and CARF accredited.

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