Head Start English

Free English Course for Newcomers on LINC Waitlist

This program is a free English course, available to all LINC-eligible clients waiting for their language assessment or currently on a LINC waitlist.

This 6-week program offers both in-person classes and online activities, presenting essential topics such as housing, education, and healthcare. As you engage with this English course, you will not only improve your language skills but also gain valuable knowledge for thriving in the Canadian workforce. This  program equips you with the tools necessary to embrace exciting opportunities and enhance your career prospects.

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To join this program, you must be:

  • A Permanent Resident
  • A Newcomer approved for a Permanent Residency

  • Under the Convention Refugees

  • Aged 17 or over
  • A person under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

Program Description

In our free English course at Head Start English you will get 6-weeks of intensive English, employment, and settlement training.

During this course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing English
  • Learn professional employment skills and workplace culture
  • Talk to a Settlement Worker to find helpful services for your new life in Canada 

Class Schedule

Our English course offers both in-person classes and online activities in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. It is designed to meet your needs and help you on your journey toward success in Canada.

Available at these locations

For questions about this program, please contact us via phone or email.


How is Head Start English different from LINC classes?

LINC classes primarily offer basic and intermediate English training. However, Head Start English is a free condensed program designed specifically to equip you with essential knowledge and skills for your early days in Canada while you wait for your LINC class. In addition to practicing English, you will receive personalized guidance from both a settlement and an employment counsellor. This ensures you are well-prepared for a successful start in Canada.

If I take classes with Head Start English, does that mean I can’t join LINC classes anymore?

No. You will still be on the waiting list and be enrolled in LINC as planned. While you wait, Head Start English is here to help you settle into life in Canada more smoothly. Studying in this program will not affect your future enrollment in LINC classes.

Will I get a report card or certificate?

No. Since the course is only 6 weeks, no report cards or certificates will be given out.

After completing this course, will I have to take another language assessment?

No. Taking classes at Head Start English does not affect your assessment results for joining the LINC program. You will still be enrolled in a class according to your results. If you are waiting to take a language assessment, you will still need to take the test.

Are there childcare options for when I take classes?

Childcare options are not provided for this program.


This program is supported by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Contact Information

⁠Suite 100, 11125 124 th Street, Surrey BC, V3V 4V2


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