Free English Classes (LINC)

Language Instruction For New Immigrants & Refugees

LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) is a free program funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). LINC provides basic and intermediate level ENGLISH training for adult newcomers to Canada with a PR card.

Our small classes include group lessons and individual practice. Our TESL-certified teachers are ready to help you with learn English in Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver and online.

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, that is not a problem. We have Low-cost English Classes, with flexible prices and classes for every level of English learner.

To find out more and apply, check the eligibility criteria and the application form below.


Thanks to the National Settlement Program by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, LINC classes are free if you are a:

  • Permanent Resident aged 17 years or older (PR Card)

  • Newcomer approved for Permanent Residence

  • Convention refugee

Program Description

In our LINC English classes in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey you will:

  • Practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing English
  • Learn about Canadian and workplace culture
  • Improve your English skills to easily access health, education, legal, family, and social services
  • Earn a LINC certificate

MOSAIC’s online classes include video and social learning activities.

Class Schedule

There are in-person and online classes available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, Monday to Friday.

English Classes for Citizenship

Do you need to prepare for the citizenship test and interview? Ask about our 4-month Fast Track to Citizenship class in Vancouver.

Childcare Options for LINC Students

To help parents, take LINC classes, we offer free licensed family-centered childcare programs at our Vancouver and Burnaby locations. The first five years are so important for a child’s development so our childcare programs are:

  • Child centered, using the BC early learning framework our classes are taught by certified, experienced, compassionate early childhood educators
  • Healthy and safe, using enhanced public health recommended safety rules
  • Developmentally focused: through specialized support and customized learning plans children will be supported in their learning growth and be school ready when they graduate

Check out our Vancouver children’s stories here! And watch a video about our childcare here.

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What will I learn in MOSAIC LINC classes?

In MOSAIC LINC classes, you will learn how to use the English language in your daily life in Canada. You will practice four skills: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing English.  Through this, you will learn the skills to use the English language in any personal or professional setting. 

Who are MOSAIC LINC teachers?

MOSAIC LINC teachers are experienced, friendly and welcoming English instructors who possess TESL certifications. 

What categories of newcomers are eligible for MOSAIC LINC?

LINC is open to all Permanent Residents 17 years or older (PR Card), convention refugees and newcomers approved for permanent residence

Are classes in-person or online?

MOSAIC LINC delivers a blended program with both in-person and online classes. The amount of in-person versus online services changes based on your English proficiency level.  Lower-level students have more in-person classes, while higher-level students have more online classes.


I like English class at MOSAIC because there are people from many cultures and I have a lovely teacher. She helps me speak and teaches about daily life, employment, and other cultures. I am happy to be in this class because I love my teacher and classmates.

My first time in MOSAIC I was nervous. I thought they had courses that maybe I couldn’t pass. But when I came to class my teachers and classmates were very friendly. They helped me with my life because we learn things for our daily life in Canada.

When I came to Canada I was depressed and sad because I missed my country and language. Since I started at MOSAIC I realized it was not just me, that many people are going through what I am. I really like the structure of MOSAIC because the teachers are so well educated and trained. The teachers are helpful


This program is supported by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and accredited through CARF.

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