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The CELPIP test will evaluate your English skills in 4 areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking – and the results are trusted by universities, companies, and immigration bodies around the world. This means that the CELPIP journey you start at MOSAIC can take you anywhere!

The CELPIP test is the one of the leading English language assessments, helping thousands of people each year to achieve their dreams of working or studying abroad, immigrating to a new country, or opening up new opportunities at home.

Why take CELPIP with MOSAIC Engage?

  • We offer at one of our convenient locations:
    • General CELPIP Testing: IRCC approved test for Permanent Residence applications
    • General LS CELPIP Testing: the IRCC approved test for Canadian citizenship applications
  • We provide your results as fast as 3-4 calendar days!

CELPIP Test Preparation

If you are looking for a support to better prepare you for the test, we invite you to register to our Low-Cost Preparation Course.

In this class, you will learn the skills and strategies necessary to achieve a high score on the CELPIP exam, which can gain be used to satisfy language requirements for permanent residence applications and some professional designations. You will learn to speak fluently in a wide range of test situations, answer writing prompts with cohesive and appropriate responses, practice listening and reading materials, manage your time during the test, as well as understand the structure of the test and how it’s assessed.

Available at these locations

New location coming up in next 5-6 months.


What is the passing score for CELPIP?

Each component of the test is given a CELPIP Level and there is no pass or fail. It is recommended that you contact the institution to which you are applying about their English language requirements.

Can I bring my own food and water to the test?

Since the CELPIP Tests are delivered in a computer lab, we do not allow any food or drinks in the lab. However, if you do need some water during the test, please raise your hand and a Test Centre Supervisor will escort you to the water fountain.

When and how will I get my score?

Scores are available online on CELPIP portal in 3-4 business days. You will be notified on your registered email when the results are released.

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