Afghan Refugee Resettlement Initiative

MOSAIC has committed to facilitating the resettlement of as many Afghan refugees as possible through our private sponsorship of refugees program from 2021-2024.

The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated and the country has experienced significant displacement and humanitarian crisis. MOSAIC stands with our community members who are directly impacted during this heartbreaking and uncertain time.

Program Description

MOSAIC is one of the largest resettlement organizations in Canada. We have over 45 years of experience helping refugees settle in Canada.

Humanitarian program

In September 2021, MOSAIC invited local community members to register their interest to co-sponsor refugees with MOSAIC as part of our Afghan Response. We received a large response with requests to co-sponsor more than 1700 refugees for resettlement in Metro Vancouver. We are committed to facilitating as many resettlements through private Refugee Sponsorship as possible over the next three years. Registration is now closed.

In March 2022, MOSAIC was named by the Province of BC as the Refugee Readiness Lead for Metro Vancouver. We are proud to lead a two-year project to provide meaningful support for Afghan refugees.

Registration for this program is now closed.

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I would like to thank MOSAIC and the Afghan Response Team for your dedication and support to our family in this process. You made this journey very easy for us with your professionalism and hard work and provided sufficient information and guidance throughout the process. I do not have words to express our gratitude. Thank you.


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