Operation #NotForgotten

A Lifeline for Refugees

We provide refugees with a way to resettle in Canada through MOSAIC’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program.

Currently, this project is focusing on the resettlement of refugees who have been indefinitely detained on Papua New Guinea and Nauru Island, due to Australia’s controversial offshore processing policy. They were left with no hope, no future prospects, and no other resettlement options.

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About Australia’s Offshore Processing Policy

Canada and Australia are working to help refugees in Australia’s offshore detention centres. They have been “forgotten” on Manus Island and Nauru due to Australia’s Offshore Detention Policy.

Amnesty International describes these detention centres as “open air” prisons and concentration camps. While these centres are now closed, many refugees and asylum seekers still can’t leave.

Most refugees are from Iran, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iraq. They were fleeing war, violence, and political or ethnic prosecution.

We want to show them and the world that they are NOT forgotten. They deserve a future. Operation #NotForgotten provides private sponsorship in Canada for these refugees.

Registration for this program is now closed.

Volunteer with Operation #NotForgotten

Get training and support so you can volunteer your time for Operation #NotForgotten. Email us at onf@mosaicbc.org to become a volunteer.


Our team is privileged and honoured to have gotten to know so many Australians that are a force for better and take a stand for human rights. Ordinary Australians have made this unique collaboration possible; they saw suffering and found solutions where they could. This is what makes Operation #NotForgotten unique: it is a true collaboration of civic society across continents.

Thank you for all [the] people that made it possible for me to become a permanent resident of Canada, I am looking forward to a bright new future.

UNHCR strongly welcomes MOSAIC’s firm commitment and focused thematic efforts in working towards securing durable solutions for eligible refugees forcibly transferred from Australia to Papua New Guinea and Nauru […] UNHCR highly values its ongoing partnership with MOSAIC and believes continued collaboration will be strategically key in maximizing durable solutions outcomes.


This project is supported by the Refugee Council of Australia, Ads Up Canada, UNHCR, Shapiro Foundation, Amnesty International, and dedicated teams of volunteers and supporters throughout Canada and Australia.

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