“Sky is the Limit”: Khaibar’s new start in Canada

June 20, 2024

By Guangke Dai, Communications Officer                (World Refugee Day)

“This is the country where the sky is the limit,” says Khaibar Nassimi.

For Khaibar, a former doctor from Afghanistan, the sky truly is the limit. Arriving in Canada in June 2023 with his family, Khaibar’s story exemplifies resilience, determination, and the transformative power of community support. “As long as you have the energy and something inside you, there is always a way to pursue your dreams,” he says.

A New Beginning

“I used to be a doctor back in my country,” Khaibar shared. “I finished university and worked in a hospital in my province for over two years.” However, the collapse of the Afghan government forced Khaibar and his family to seek refuge elsewhere. Sponsored by MOSAIC’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program, Khaibar, his brother, and their families were given a chance to rebuild their lives in Canada.

Khaibar’s arrival in Canada marked the start of a new chapter. “When I moved to Canada, everything started from zero for me,” he said. Despite his qualifications and experience, the path to practicing medicine in Canada proved challenging due to stringent credential recognition processes. “They rarely accept medical graduates from other countries. There was no chance for me,” he lamented.

Overcoming Challenges

Undeterred, Khaibar sought any work to support his family while pursuing his dreams. His brother, who had lived in Canada for ten years, introduced him to detailing work. “I asked him to teach me whatever was needed to be a detailer. I took it as serious as a matter of life and death,” Khaibar recalled. Within a week, he learned the skills necessary to secure a job.

Life in Canada has been busy for Khaibar. “If I compare it to life in Afghanistan, life in Canada is much busier for me,” he admitted. Despite the demands of his full-time job, Khaibar is also pursuing further education at BCIT, aiming to join a nursing program by 2025. “I have classes six days a week,” he noted. His ultimate goal remains steadfast: to return to the medical field. “I can’t imagine my next five or six years without working as a medical professional.”

A Supportive Community

Throughout this journey, community support has been crucial. “MOSAIC has done a lot for us. For me, for my family, for every member of my family,” Khaibar expressed gratefully. From tax clinics to resettlement services, MOSAIC has been a constant source of assistance. “It’s very difficult to handle everything, but MOSAIC made it possible.”

Khaibar’s story is also one of giving back. “If a country gives you the opportunity to live in a better environment, you have to give something back,” he emphasized. He is committed to contributing to Canadian society through his hard work and dedication.

Solidarity and Future Aspirations

Reflecting on his journey, Khaibar shared a powerful message of hope and perseverance. “Fly! If you Can’t fly, run! If you can’t run, walk! If you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means keep moving,” he quoted. This mantra embodies his unwavering determination to achieve his goals despite the obstacles.

Khaibar’s advice to other refugees is simple yet profound: “Use your time wisely, learn English, and never give up on your dreams.” His story is a testament to the spirit of solidarity and the belief that with community support and determination, a better future is possible.

On June 20, as we celebrate World Refugee Day, Khaibar’s journey reminds us of the resilience and potential of refugees. His story is not just about surviving but thriving and contributing to a new community. It is a story of solidarity, a testament to the enduring human spirit, and a call to action for all to support and welcome refugees.

Khaibar remains optimistic and driven, planning to celebrate his first anniversary in Canada with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the future. His journey is a beacon of hope for many, illustrating that with the right support and an unyielding spirit, one can overcome even the most daunting challenges.

“Canada is truly a land of opportunity,” Khaibar said. “As long as you have the energy and something inside you, there is always a way to pursue your dreams.” And for Khaibar, the dream of wearing his white medical gown once again is within reach.


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