WorkXP Internship Program celebrates remarkable achievements with Employer Host Tribute

May 7, 2024

On April 9, the Canadian Work Experience Internship Pilot Program (also known as the WorkXP Program), funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) under the Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) program held its Employer Host Tribute event at the MOSAIC Boundary office. This event gathered esteemed partners and employers like Metro Vancouver, Purdys, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Western Community College, along with client representatives who have transitioned into skills commensurate employment within notable Canadian organizations.

Launched in December 2021, WorkXP addresses a critical challenge for immigrant professionals in Canada – gaining relevant Canadian work experience. Inspired by the co-operative education model from universities, the program aims to provide meaningful work experiences that utilize immigrant professionals’ skills to meet local labor demands and promote a systemic change in employer perspectives towards newcomer internships.
Since its inception, WorkXP has placed 119 participants in various roles with a minimum duration of 400 hours each, from over 1,100 applications received.

The program’s success is further bolstered by the engagement of over a hundred new employers, greatly expanding MOSAIC’s employer network and creating a vibrant ecosystem of support for immigrant professionals. The insights and support from the WorkXP Advisory Committee, comprised of industry and sector leaders, have been instrumental in steering the program towards its goals.
This event was more than a recognition of progress; it underscored the collaborative spirit that defines MOSAIC. The success of the program is a testament to the effectiveness of MOSAIC’s integrated approach, which leverages referrals from its own employment programs and a broad range of external partners. Such synergy enhances the integration of participants into the Canadian workforce and serves as a model for collaboration across services.

As WorkXP approaches its conclusion in July 2024, the sustained interest from employers and the significant community contributions spotlights the program’s lasting impact. The accomplishments of this program illustrate how targeted initiatives can profoundly impact individuals’ lives and enrich our community. Special thanks go to the WorkXP team—Effie, Carlos, Suchitra, and Nathalie—for their dedication to making this program a beacon of hope and opportunity for immigrant professionals. Sincere gratitude is also extended to all partners, employers, and the broader MOSAIC team, whose belief in the transformative power of integration and support helps create pathways for newcomer professionals, nurturing a more inclusive and diverse Canadian labour market.

Olga Stachova, Chief Executive Officer of MOSAIC, stated, “Although this particular funding is coming to an end, by no means does it mean the end of MOSAIC’s advocacy for this approach, which we truly believe will make a huge difference in newcomers’ lives.” Looking ahead, MOSAIC remains committed to developing innovative solutions that continue to support and enhance the lives of newcomers to Canada.

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