VOYAGES 2014 Conference

April 14, 2014

Fifty-four youth attended the VOYAGES 2014 conference on April 12 at SFU Surrey Campus. This year’s event – on Social Media Education and Awareness, and Online Safety – was organized by MOSAIC Coordinators Rubina Mudhar and Perminder Flora and co–hosted by Youth Team leaders. Special guests at the event included Stephanie Cadieux, BC’s Minister of Children and Family Development, and members of the BC Lions who came out to talk about their initiative BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER. BC Lions’ VP of Business, George Chayka, along with players Dean Valli and Rolly Lumbala, shared stories about how personal actions can create positive change. In the afternoon, the youth participated in popular theatre exercises and created still images which reflected challenges around social media sharing. Some of the images included youth reactions to sharing personal images and the impact on youth being bullied by peers. This interactive session was followed by an educational presentation by the Safe Online Outreach Society which highlighted important information on social media sharing and some of the laws around social media sharing.voyages 1 voyages 2 voyages 3 voyages 4From left to right: Hon. Stephanie Cadieus, BC’s Minister of Children and Family Development; Rubina Mudar, Special Projects Coordinator; Rolly Lumbala and Dean Valli, BC Lions players