Finding community through service: David’s journey with MOSAIC

April 17, 2024

By: Guangke Dai, Communications Officer       (Volunteering in Canada)

Relocating to a new country brings both exciting opportunities and big challenges. As David Marin embarked on his journey in Canada as a student and sought ways to meet new people, he discovered the rewarding path of volunteering.

What sets David’s story apart is that he didn’t wait until he had a lot of free time; instead, he started to help others even when he was very busy with school. Choosing to volunteer, even during his busiest days, highlights his deep desire to make a positive impact.

For David, the experience of volunteering with MOSAIC became a bridge to becoming part of Canadian society. “It gave me more than a new perspective. I was able to see a better side of the Canadian society because of it,” he explains. His service transformed him from feeling like an outsider to becoming a valued community member, connected by shared values and collective goals.

David’s volunteer work began with MOSAIC’s Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program, leveraging his background in teaching English to non-native speakers. This role allowed him to make a direct impact, aiding newcomers in mastering the English language and navigating their new environment.

One of David’s most memorable moments in this program was when a student thanked him sincerely. “When a student expressed her gratitude to me, it felt very special,” he recalls. Another cherished memory is teaching the Roman Alphabet to a student who then wrote the name of their hometown in English for the first time. These moments underline the rewarding nature of his volunteer efforts.

As David engaged further with MOSAIC’s CARES for Seniors program and the Newcomers and Community Building Program (NCBP), his talent for translation became increasingly significant. His skill in bridging language barriers enhanced the newcomers’ sense of belonging and connection, making the community more accessible to them.

Among the highlights of his volunteering journey was a visit to the home of a senior through the CARES program. Sharing stories and enjoying homemade palačinke together, he experienced the profound connections that can be formed across generations and cultures. This visit showcased the deep impact volunteering can have—both on the individuals assisted and the volunteers themselves.

“Volunteering really helped me feel better when I was in a difficult spot. Seeing there are people who care is super great,” David reflects.

His story, among many others, underscores volunteering’s dual role: it’s not only about contributing to the community but also about personal growth and finding one’s place within the community. It’s people like David who help make Canada a welcoming place for newcomers, strengthening the fabric of our society. As he enters his third year with MOSAIC, the profound impact of his volunteer work on his life and its importance within Canadian culture remains a central theme.

MOSAIC follows the Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement and provides meaningful opportunities. While we have paused new general volunteer registrations due to reaching capacity, specific programs still welcome volunteers. To discover how you can make a difference, please visit our Volunteering Program.