Children & Youth

Transforming Culture Together at Voyages Youth Conference

June 8, 2018

MOSAIC’s annual Voyages Youth Conference took place on June 3rd, 2018 and was a great success with approximately 45 youth participants from diverse cultures and backgrounds participating. The anti-crime initiative this year featured the theme of Transforming Culture Together and took place at Surrey’s Kwantlen Park Secondary School.

The day’s agenda included hearing from MCFD Youth Probation Officers about the youth criminal justice system and alternative approaches to mediation such as restorative justice and conflict resolution. In collaboration with YMCA’s Youth Team, activity games were introduced to demonstrate a real-life simulation and role play of the criminal justice system through sport,

Through sports-based competition, youth developed a stronger understanding of the justice system and its various components. The forum also helped youth to recognize and develop strengths and strategies such as resilience, cohesion, coordination, strategic planning, and communication.

Yumi Onozawa, Manager of Youth Programs, praised the participants and said the event was something to celebrate. “The young people who attended were very engaged in the learning and showed great energy and enthusiasm for the games. The prizes of Apple Pods and Beats Headphones were a big hit as well!”