The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth, visits MOSAIC

January 17, 2020

MOSAIC was delighted to host Minister Chagger at its main Vancouver office on January 16, 2020, where we discussed key issues related to the Minister’s mandate, including the rise in hate crimes; need to engage youth, employers, institutions and the public on issues of diversity and inclusion; LGBTQ1A2+ issues and services for immigrant youth; and facilitating immigrants into leadership roles.

As an organization dedicated to the success of newcomers in Canada, we are very encouraged by the creation of a federal portfolio dedicated to diversity, inclusion and youth. We have seen positive changes to immigration and refugee policy and economic initiatives made by Government of Canada, and are excited to work with our federal partners to make Canada one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants and refugees.

MOSAIC is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in our communities and workplaces. As the immigrant-serving organization providing the most employment programs for newcomers in BC, MOSAIC is working with thousands of employers to demonstrate the value of hiring newcomers and on creating inclusion strategies to retain and grow newcomer talent. Our recent partnership with the Department of Canadian Heritage on our Social and Civic Engagement for Newcomers and Immigrants (SCENE) project – funded under the Community Support, Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program (CSMARI) – creates pathways for newcomers and immigrants to equitable social and civic engagement opportunities through training, mentorship, nomination support, access to open positions and guidance post-placement to ensure newcomer voices are heard in shaping our communities.

MOSAIC’s Youth Leadership program has recently led to the creation of a BC youth branch of the Canadian Council for Refugees, giving youth a voice to contribute to the national dialogue and advocacy priorities for the Council, while also addressing key issues of the LGBTQ1A2+ community.

MOSAIC is one of the largest settlement and employment service organizations in British Columbia. It delivers more than 50 programs from over 50 locations across Metro Vancouver. MOSAIC provides a broad array of wrap-around services for newcomers including settlement support, family and vulnerable population support, interpretation, translations, and specialized employment and language training for immigrants, funded both provincially and federally. Serving newcomers for close to 45 years, MOSAIC has developed an extensive network of partnerships with local employers and community partners in BC.

“We were excited to meet Minister Chagger and share the issues and best practices that MOSAIC and other partners have created to address racism and discrimination,” said Olga Stachova, CEO of MOSAIC. “It takes the whole community working together in partnership at policy, systemic and individual levels to tap into the strength of diversity and work towards a more inclusive society.”

“MOSAIC works diligently to break down barriers faced by marginalized communities and create the conditions for success needed for everyone to participate fully in Canadian society,” said the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth. “I am grateful for the warm welcome at MOSAIC and the opportunity to learn more about its vast array of supports and services. I could see first-hand the tremendous leadership and social impact the organization demonstrates every day.”

MOSAIC is an acronym for Multi-lingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities.

With over 40 programs, MOSAIC provides employment services, family services, language instruction, legal information, settlement services, and victim and family violence services from multiple sites in Metro Vancouver. MOSAIC also operates the WorkBC Centre in various location, as well as MOSAIC Translations and Interpretations Services.