Statement of solidarity with the Black Community

June 5, 2020

MOSAIC stands in solidarity with Black communities. We feel the pain, fear, and outrage and know that we need to do more to support Black communities as more Black lives are taken at the hands of police.

The killing of George Floyd and the hundreds of Black lives before him indicates a historical, oppressive, systemic issue that must be acknowledged before we can see any change. These are not isolated incidents; these are not problems of “our neighbours down South.” Black Lives Matter! We must distinguish and recognize that anti-Black racism is systemic, institutionalized, and global. We cannot ignore Canada’s extensive history of colonialism and discriminatory policies and practices, which are still embedded in the criminal justice system today.

We all must take responsibility for our history and how it impacts our efforts to build an inclusive society. Being silent or neutral is not an option.

With a vision of working together to advance an inclusive and thriving Canada, MOSAIC continues to commit to doing more, and being better. We are reaching out to partner with Black-led organizations to learn how we can address anti-Black racism, and how we can better support the Black community in BC. We are speaking up on social media and traditional media, and sharing information on our website. We are sharing resources with staff and clients to understand how we can unlearn inherent biases, and how we can have conversations around racism with people in our lives. We need to educate ourselves and reflect on our own privileges, and move beyond words.

We invite you to join us, as we must all do better. Only until we take action will we accelerate towards justice and peace, and an inclusive and thriving Canada.