Spotlight: Sediqa Temori – Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship

July 1, 2022

By MOSAIC Communications

Coming to a new country is a memorable event in and of itself. But, for Sediqa Temori, that experience was nothing compared to the honour of being awarded the Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship for her leadership in the community.

The Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship awarded to a female refugee for leadership development through education and training. It helps her pursue academic or vocational post-secondary education to support her future leadership aspirations in Canada. MOSAIC was proud to honour Sediqa with this honour at the 2022 MOSAIC Awards Ceremony on June 9th.

Upon arriving in Canada, Sediqa discovered that the Master’s in Psychology she worked hard to earn at Tehran University in Iran didn’t qualify her to work in her field in Canada.

Although this was hard to accept at first, she is now dedicated to building her career in psychology in Canada so she can help people in her new home.

She says that her international education, even though it’s not recognized by the healthcare system in Canada, is actually her strength. It makes her better qualified to support and understand people from diverse backgrounds.

Since arriving in Canada, Sediqa has also been an active leader in the community, volunteering as an interpreter and English teacher for newly arrived Afghan children with a local non-profit organization. Sediqa has also been involved with newcomer youth projects at MOSAIC, joining workshops, field trips, and trainings, and co-created a YouTube channel to connect with colleagues in Afghanistan.

Monica Navarro-Cespedes has worked closely with Sediqa at MOSAIC and describes her as a woman with “a passion for helping others and a warm heart.” Monica continues by saying these qualities will make her a “great professional in any helping career.”

Sediqa is grateful to MOSAIC for this scholarship and opportunity. She knows firsthand the challenges immigrants and refugees face in Canada. “Most newcomers to Canada struggle . . . and some of them can’t find the right way for themselves. Many of them need psychological support. Getting this award gives me the confidence to try again. I can continue my education in psychology here in Canada, so I can help others.”

Sediqa also thanks her husband for his unconditional love and support and MOSAIC for giving her this opportunity to better help others in her community.

Congratulations to Sediqa as the recipient of the  Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award 2022!

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