Spotlight: Maliheh Ardeshiri – Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Scholarship

July 1, 2022

By MOSAIC Communications Team

MOSAIC is honoured to award this year’s Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Scholarship to Maliheh Ardeshiri to support her Early Childhood Education (ECE) studies. This award provides financial support to refugees aged 25 years and over to advance their education in a helping profession.

Maliheh is a single mom to a 16-year-old daughter. They moved to Canada as Protected Refugees in 2019, and Maliheh got a job in a local Iranian Bakery. When the bakery closed, Maliheh took several part-time jobs in family daycares and childcare facilities. Unfortunately, these jobs fell through as her employers later required full-time commitments. She was not permitted to work full-time because she didn’t have official Permanent Resident Status in Canada at the time. Her daughter could not work more than two days a week due to her own schooling.

“I’m thrilled to accept this award as it can help cover some of my [education] expenses,” says Maliheh. She will be using this award to help cover the cost of her ECE studies. When she completes her diploma studies, she plans to get a more reliable, full-time job to provide her and her daughter with a better quality of life. She is excited about the new opportunities this award will give her.

Since Maliheh arrived in Canada, she has become an active member of the community. For example, she helps other newcomers to Canada by connecting them with settlement services and acting as their guide where she can.

“I would like to thank everybody who supported me on this path: Ann and Jo-Ann Sobkow, Marilyn Van Norman, Paula Carr, and Carl Bogner. And last but not least, Mona and the MOSAIC staff, who have always been supportive of me. I hope I will be able to return their favour.”

She continues, “I love working with people. I love children. I believe children are the future, and [by taking my ECE course], I can make a difference in people’s lives.”

We wish Maliheh the best of luck in her studies and success in helping educate and support the next generation through her ECE diploma. We know she will continue being a leader for her community and those she serves.

Congratulations Maliheh on being the recipient of the Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Scholarship Award 2022.

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