Migrant Workers

Simplified process will benefit migrant workers

August 29, 2019

Saleem Spindari, MOSAIC’s Senior Manager of Refugee and Migrant Workers Programs, was a featured speaker at the August 28 news conference where it was announced that the Province of BC has simplified the process for migrant workers to lodge complaints about workplace misconduct.

BC Labour Minister Harry Bains said that his ministry has eliminated the “self-help kit” which has been perceived as a barrier to reports of misconduct, and that an additional $15 million in his budget will allow 60 new staff to now respond to, and investigate employment standards violations.

Saleem Spindari

“I couldn’t be happier to officially say goodbye to the self-help kit,” said Harry Bains, Minister of Labour. “For too long, the process has created a barrier for workers who have concerns about whether they are being paid or treated appropriately. Eliminating this as a required first step to filing a complaint with Employment Standards Branch will help ensure that workers can easily access help when they feel their rights have been violated.”

Spindari is an authoritative voice regarding migrant issues as MOSAIC is leading the federally-funded Migrant Workers Program, which informs migrants of their rights while working in Canada, as well as supports employers in understanding the conditions and requirements of hiring migrant workers.  Prior to the start of this project, MOSAIC operated a one-year pilot for the program as well as providing services to migrant workers since 2007.

MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program works to educate and support migrant workers, employers and resource agencies serving both groups within the province of British Columbia. To learn more, please visit mosaicbc.org/ccb.