Volunteers provide heat wave check-in for immigrant seniors

August 21, 2023

As the extreme weather continues throughout British Columbia, MOSAIC has taken a lead in supporting our most vulnerable immigrant seniors. MOSAIC’s newly launched volunteer-driven “Multilingual Seniors Extreme Weather Wellness Check” project is conducting daily wellness checks on vulnerable seniors, providing them with information and resources in their first languages to support their safety during these extreme conditions.

MOSAIC provided training to over 95 volunteers throughout the region to provide wellness check calls through MOSAIC and other community agencies. MOSAIC’s team of volunteers is providing support in 8 languages to support our diverse communities. The calls guide home safety, body cooling tips, community cooling centre information, suggestions for alternative options, how to build and use cooling kits, and access to available resources.

Holly Jones, MOSAIC’s Volunteer Resources Coordinator, emphasizes the importance of early intervention during such emergencies: “We are helping them to assess if they need medical attention, if they need to go to a cooling centre, or if they need to be taking steps to cool their body. It is hard to recognize the signs of heat stress in ourselves.”

The Seniors Heatwave Project, which initially launched in 2022 with funding from the United Way‘s Emergency Response initiative, has gained widespread support from various community partners across the region. Organizations like Burnaby Citizens Support, Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Burnaby CBSS Extreme Heat Project Advisory Committee, both Fraser Health & Coastal Health, SUCCESS, ISS of BC, Burnaby Citizens Support, Little Mountain House, Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Seniors Chinese Society of Vancouver Burnaby Chapter have joined forces to address the needs of immigrant seniors vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Check-In

This project is not only about safeguarding physical health but also about raising awareness. MOSAIC is seeking more outreach volunteers to help seniors’ well-being. Anyone interested in volunteering or those interested in registering themselves or their family members for check-in calls under the Seniors Heatwave Project, contact