Children & Youth

NuYu Popular Theatre Program in Surrey

December 12, 2015

Over 20 newcomer youth from Surrey participated in a six-week long NuYu training program. The program uses popular theatre as a tool for youth to come together and share their stories around newcomer challenges using theatre methodology.On December 5th, 2015 the youth showcased their stories and presented the challenges they face around being newcomers through forum theatre at SFU Surrey. The youth presented scenes which reflected challenges around issues such as isolation and discrimination. The scenes were viewed by audience members who consisted of the youths’ family members, friends and teachers. Solutions to the challenges presented in the scenes were generated by audience members who were able to share their ideas by participating in the scenes.This was yet another successful round of the NuYu program made possible through generous funding from the Urban Systems Foundation. It encouraged youth to share their stories, speak up about their daily challenges, build new friendships, reach out for support when in need and most of all, have fun!