Children & Youth

NuYu Popular Theatre performed for SFU International Services for Students!

May 3, 2017

On Friday, April 21st, NuYu Popular Theatre program was invited by SFU International Services for Students to perform an interactive theatrical play called Forum in front of SFU staff. A group of youth demonstrated challenges of newcomers through three distinct skits illustrating racism, discrimination through stereotypes, and misunderstandings generated from different approaches in communication. Each skit also revealed the newcomers’ emotional turmoil and provided discussion opportunities for how the university and students in diverse ethnic backgrounds can better understand each other and work together.

Through theatre exercises and games in MOSAIC’s NuYu program, participants gradually create scenes which reflect their personal life challenges. The program creates a space for youth to collectively come up with positive solutions to the challenges presented in the scenes by their peers. To learn more, please visit