NuYu (Newcomer Youth Popular Theatre Program) Facilitation Training completed successfully!

April 21, 2017

The latest round of NuYu facilitation training wrapped up with a celebration at the SFU Surrey campus on Saturday, April 8th. Thirteen participants completed all required components of the training and are now full-fledged NuYu Facilitators.

During the celebration, the participants showcased what they learned in a form of play, called The Forum. Three skits were played out in front of 20 guests, family and friends of the participants. The scenes captured events and challenges that newcomers commonly face in a new living situation including communication gaps between parents and youth, language barriers, financial struggles and the process of finding employment. The skits illustrated the immigrants’ emotional turmoil, something that is not often heard or acknowledged.

While the trained facilitators enacted their inner struggles, the audience was able to participate, offering solutions as if they themselves were living through those particular situations.

Congratulations to the thirteen graduates! Now it is your turn to influence other youth in the community! We thank Coast Capital Savings for their generous donation for this program.

Through theatre exercises and games, NuYu participants gradually create scenes which reflect their personal life challenges. The program creates a space for youth to collectively come up with positive solutions to the challenges presented in the scenes by their peers.