Newcomers provided with laptop donations

September 1, 2018

Hootsuite, a Vancouver-based technology leader, has donated 39 “gently used” laptops to MOSAIC clients. The MacBook laptops had been refurbished and loaded with software so they were ready for use immediately. MOSAIC settlement staff determined distribution to clients based on need and the vast majority of recipients are students, either finishing up high school, or pursuing post-secondary education and/or training.

Saleem Spindari, Manager of Refugee and Migrant Workers Programs, said that newcomers generally face many challenges, but newcomer students who don’t have computers are at a disadvantage compared to other students. “Most newcomers use internet with their mobiles, but for students who are taking online courses, or who need to research and write papers, these computers will make a huge difference in their ability to succeed in their studies.

“There are many people who made this exchange possible and I want to acknowledge and thank them all. Sandy Berman, who has been a champion and a wonderful friend to MOSAIC for many years set all this in motion by referring Hootsuite to MOSAIC. Additionally, Hootsuite staff contributed many hours preparing the hard drives on the donated laptops prior to their being wiped and I would like to thank them as well. That team consisted of: Ana Douglas, Brett Gillespie, John Crosson, Kyle Legare, Kyle Urbshott and Reid Robinson. My final thanks and acknowledgement goes to Electronic Recycling Association, which wiped all the drives and delivered the laptops in a ready-for-use condition. This project wouldn’t have been possible without all the great support.”

On August 31, two dozen newcomers arrived to pick up their computers, and following are some of the comments from those who received the laptops:

“I’m taking online courses, so this will be very helpful. Thank you Hootsuite and MOSAIC.” Raman

“I’m studying to be a CPA so I really do need this laptop. Thank you for the donation.” Hagop

“I just want to thank them for providing the laptop. We came here a month ago. I’ll be using it for my studies.” Mariann

“Thanks to MOSAIC and Hootsuite. As a new immigrant, it’s not easy to get a computer and this new laptop will help me in my studies.” Nancy

“I want to say thank you because computers are so important in Canada. Because everything requires online registration. Everything! Thank you for this big help.” Zouzan

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