Newcomer on path to dream job

May 31, 2019

Coming to Canada was not Eric’s first big move.

Wanting a change from his engineering career, Eric left his home country to obtain a Master’s Degree in Management from a university in Australia. There, he also worked at a job which he loved, as a Student Services Officer, helping students with paperwork, advice and career planning.

He arrived in Canada in 2018 without a support network, without Canadian experience, and without knowing how his skillset would fit in the labour market. Eric’s introverted personality posed an extra challenge to developing a network, which he learned is key to landing a job.

But Eric had a plan. To keep himself going, he found a part-time job, enrolled in Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants and joined Workplace Connections Mentoring Program. Working with his Career Mentor, he polished his resume, highlighting the skills and experience relevant for job posts. They discussed potential jobs, employers and relevant skills for these roles. Eric learned about the Canadian educational system, and college and university administration process. His Mentor introduced him to colleagues, and Eric’s network grew exponentially.

The results? Eric searched more purposefully, landing interviews with several academic institutions. Before long, he secured an entry-level position in his field. A significant step closer to his ultimate goal and dream job: Student Advisor.

Eric enrolled in two of MOSAIC’s employment assistance programs: Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants helps newcomers find jobs to suit their qualifications and includes career planning and credential assessment.  Workplace Connections Mentoring matches skilled immigrants with local professionals working in similar fields who provide coaching and networking advice.