New resource guide to finding housing

August 16, 2023

MOSAIC’s Metro Vancouver Refugee Readiness Team has created and recently launched a unique housing resource for newcomers that helps with housing and other resources. resource guide to finding housing

With support from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, this resource was developed with contributions from over 70 individuals and organizations.

The process of finding a place to live for people who are new to Canada can be divided into three stages:

Emergency Housing: This includes places like shelters, hotels, and staying with someone temporarily.

Transitional Housing: This type of housing is for a period when a newcomer is getting settled. It can be supportive and might have some financial assistance. It could also include short-term rentals.

Permanent Housing: This is where someone lives for a longer time. It could be renting an apartment or house, joining a housing cooperative (co-op), or even owning a home.

This resource can be a good starting point for anyone looking to get information and help finding a place to live.

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If you are looking for Settlement Services, MOSAIC has many programs that will support your needs for free.