MOSAIC’s Multicultural Women’s Group Meets Trudeau

September 5, 2019

“We met Justin Trudeau! We were so excited and happy to see him!”

By Mehrzad Salari

MOSAIC’s Multicultural Women’s Group has more than thirty members with different ages, statuses and backgrounds. The majority of the group are seniors, and they get together once a week at MOSAIC. The aim of the group is to break isolation, obtain information and become self-sufficient and independent.

As MOSAIC’s Community Development Worker, I facilitate workshops and field trips for the group to help participants be more independent and knowledgeable about Canada’s culture and lifestyle.

This summer, we made short trips to Bowen Island as well as Tswawwassen Mills. On August 29, I took the group on a longer field trip to the Sunshine Coast.

Everyone had a great experience, and some participants had the wonderful fortune of meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! They had a chance to talk and take some pictures. Here is feedback from one of the participants on this trip:

“On August 29 we went to the Sunshine Coast. We enjoyed a lot from ferry ride and bus tour with lots of fun. When we got off ferry back to Horseshoe Bay, me and some friends asked if we can stay at Horseshoe Bay for dinner and we visited Justin Trudeau! We were so excited and happy to see him and we took some pictures with him!”

MOSAIC’s MOSAIC Multicultural Women’s Support Group provides a space for immigrant and refugee women to build connections to the community and to learn about life in Canada. To learn more, please visit