MOSAIC’s 2018 Annual General Meeting

September 21, 2018

MOSAIC’s Annual General Meeting was hosted at its HQ on September 18th, with approximately 114 members and guests attending.

Click here to download our 2017 – 2018 Annual Report (PDF).

It was announced that Dr. Mehran Kiai is stepping aside as Chairperson while Dr. Christian Duff now assumes that role. The other change involving MOSAIC’s Board of Directors is the departure of board member Deanna Okun-Nachoff, who was thanked for her years of service and her contribution advising the board and MOSAIC in the area of immigration law.

MOSAIC also handed out its annual awards at the event, and congratulations are extended to:

A keynote address was shared by Professor Catherine Dauvergne, the dean of the Peter A. Allard School of Law as well as a researcher and author who has worked in the area of refugee, immigration and citizenship law over the past 25 years.

Professor Duvergne delivered a thought-provoking address on the politics of immigration in Canada and internationally, beginning by telling the assembly that the “settler society era” has ended and “there is no longer any difference between countries like Canada, which were founded through successive waves of immigration, and those countries that were traditionally migrant-sending countries.” Professor Dauvergne made the case that current immigration policy continues to reflect the settler society mythology, which stands in the way of a clearer view, as well as change.

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