MOSAIC supports awareness of elder abuse

June 20, 2019

On Saturday, June 15th, MOSAIC and other partner organizations from the Chinese Community Response Network (CRN) hosted a community event at Central Park. More than 450 gathered to acknowledge and declare World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

The dignity of our seniors and their right to live safely and with respect cannot be overstated.  Physical, emotional, and financial abuse of our elders is a problem that MOSAIC has addressed annually via a public event for seniors to commemorate the day.

Community partners and MOSAIC’s volunteer corps of Senior Leaders are determined to raise awareness through education and proclamation. Daisy Au, MOSAIC Coordinator of the Seniors Club, said  “Our seniors are acknowledged as valued members of society; they convey a wealth of experience and wisdom in our community and deserve to live with dignity and respect. It is our collective responsibility to ensure they live safely and fully in a community that cares about them.”

Despite the serious message about elder abuse that was delivered on Saturday, the celebration of seniors made it a fun and lively event.  Entertainment included traditional dance and music, and the inaugural performance of the newly created MOSAIC Seniors Multicultural Choir.  Choir members are immigrants from China, Congo, Eritrea, and India who are passionate about music and singing, and interested in reaching out to the community to include other seniors who are interested in joining.

One very inspiring story was told by the son of a senior whose mother finally stepped out from her home months after her best friend passed away.  Previously, his mother mostly stayed in bed and would barely speak, but she began engaging more after the Saturday event.

Au is passionate about helping seniors and is an active volunteer with the BC CRN, helping to establish multiple community networks throughout Metro Vancouver.  “ Together we can build a more compassionate and caring community. No matter how small an action is, the impact on another person’s life is tremendous when we care! We will create a ripple of changes when we take action.”

The MOSAIC Seniors Club has a wide range of free activities that encourage participants to make new friends, learn new skills and join community events. To learn more, please visit