MOSAIC seniors’ snow-hike at Mount Cypress

February 4, 2019

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, amidst blue skies and sparkling snow, the MOSAIC seniors’ snow-hike at Mount Cypress was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Ages ranged from 5 to 84 years, and the spirit of adventure, fresh mountain air, plenty of team work navigating slippery slopes, and an abundance of fun was experienced by all. In the group of 39, we had singers and plenty of photographers, and most importantly, we had seniors who continue to teach us all about accepting challenges and living fully.

We had perfect weather with a light snowfall when we first arrived, followed by bright winter skies and sunshine. We hiked up to the chalet, enjoyed hot drinks and a snack, and made our way back down the mountain to the parking lot and the waiting bus. We all agreed this will need to become a regular part of the MOSAIC Seniors Program. We are all looking forward to our next adventure!  Stay tuned!

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