Bridging generations through community care at MOSAIC

January 10, 2024

By: Daisy Au, Coordinator, MOSAIC Seniors Club 

MOSAIC Seniors Club witnessed a heartwarming convergence of 14 students and 16 seniors, uniting generations for a special intergenerational engagement event. The goal extended beyond mere connections; it aimed to create a lasting impact through collaborative community care projects.

Guided by dedicated teachers, students from Stratford Hall in East Vancouver and seniors joined forces to assemble care packages for a nearby shelter. This project sought to offer tangible support while fostering meaningful connections between the two age groups.

The collaboration involved packing essential items, with a unique touch with handwritten notes and cards in multiple languages. This gesture not only demonstrated goodwill but also allowed students to learn about seniors’ cultures while contributing to the community.

Following the packing, an unexpected yet heartwarming scene unfolded as students and seniors used the Google Translate app to communicate. Language barriers faded, and the joy of shared effort and collaboration emerged.

As one senior participant beautifully put it, “On this multicultural land, our senior group, together with the 12th grade students, share a familial bond, resembling the joy of grandparents and grandchildren.”

Another senior expressed, “Warmly sharing joyful moments, bridging friendships across cultures and ages. Joy knows no age limits.”

Some students remarked that the seniors felt just like their own grandparents. The conversations that blossomed were not just about packing care packages; they were exchanges of stories, laughter and wisdom. The seniors, touched by the genuine care and interest of the youth, said they felt a warmth in their hearts as if they were talking to their own grandchildren.

This intergenerational engagement event at MOSAIC Seniors Club was more than a community service project — it was a testament to the power of connection, understanding, and shared humanity. The care packages, wrapped with love and adorned with heartfelt messages, will undoubtedly bring comfort and hope to those in need. As for the students and seniors, the experience left a lasting impression, proving that when generations come together, the result is not just a gift to the community but a gift to each other’s hearts.

The bonds formed, are a reminder that age is just a number, and compassion knows no boundaries.

The MOSAIC Seniors Club is a social club for immigrant seniors, offering a place to make friends, learn new skills and take part in activities that foster a sense of community. For more information about the MOSAIC Seniors Club, visit the program page.