MOSAIC Participates in Transportation Debate

December 10, 2014

MOSAIC participated in the Mayors’ Council on November 28, 2014, where a question for a 2015 referendum on local transportation was being developed, and later, on December 9, in the Metro Livable Region Meeting.Khim Tan, Senior Manager of Settlement Programs, presented survey findings from over 200 clients from our Family and Settlement Services and English Language Programs at the Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum: Multicultural Community Roundtable.By participating in the transportation debate, MOSAIC is able to advocate for transportation needs on behalf of immigrants and refugees. The feedback from clients is valued, as Michael Buda, Mayors’ Council Executive Director, stated… “transportation is a settlement issue.”The survey shows that only 22 percent of MOSAIC clients are aware of the Metro Vancouver Transportation Plan/Vision and pending Referendum; 31 percent of surveyed MOSAIC clients will reduce the use of public transit if there is a fare increase; the majority of surveyed MOSAIC clients want more buses and transportation options.