MOSAIC is pleased to announce its achievement of a 2nd 3-year CARF accreditation

December 11, 2013
MOSAIC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded its second three-year CARF accreditation for all of MOSAIC’s current programs and services.This achievement is an indication of the organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of clients. Services, personnel and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of practice excellence.The surveyors noted that “it is evident that the rights of clients are respected and protected by staff members. A high level of dignity and respect is given to each and every client,” and “MOSAIC has an effective blend of new and long-term staff members, representing outstanding diversity ethnically and culturally, who personalize services and model the harmonious diversity in Canada.”The second accreditation will extend through to October 2016. You are invited to celebrate this achievement with us!If you have any questions please contact John Dubé, Senior Manager, Integration & Quality Improvement or Eyob Naizghi, Executive Director, at 604-254-9626.