MOSAIC Interpretation and Translation Services Hosts an Open House

August 16, 2018

On Aug. 1, 2018, MOSAIC Interpretation and Translation Services hosted an open house for its interpreters and translators. Over 50 language professionals joined the staff to celebrate MOSAIC’s first anniversary at its new location on Boundary Road. The room buzzed with greetings in different languages, laughter and animated conversation, all accompanied with tasty food and drinks. The lively crowd included some ‘long-timers’ who have been with MOSAIC since the very inception of the interpretation and translation program, and who remain dedicated to the excellence of their professions and the importance of their professional services that affect people’s lives. There were also some newly recruited contractors who appreciated the opportunity to chat with their seasoned colleagues and expand their professional network.

The interpreters and translators were introduced to MOSAIC’s new CEO Olga Stachova who greeted the guests and mentioned that her first contact with MOSAIC had been with this very department when she, a newly arrived immigrant, needed translation of her academic credentials.

We hope that this successful gathering (thank you MOSAIC volunteers for your help!) will become an annual event. It was a unique opportunity for our always busy staff to step away from their desks and have a relaxed interaction with the equally busy interpreters and translators – an opportunity so rarely afforded!

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