Migrant Workers

MOSAIC event supports migrant workers

April 26, 2021

During a recent visit to MOSAIC Headquarters by Guatemalan Embassy Consul Allan Daniel Pérez, several Guatemalan migrant workers received essential emergency support to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event aimed to support migrant workers with the renewal of their passports, thereby avoiding a costly and challenging trip to Ottawa. In addition to passport renewal conducted by Consul Allan Pérez, MOSAIC Settlement Worker Carolina Nunez provided information about migrant workers’ rights, resources, and services available.

“Many migrant workers are in really vulnerable situations right now.  Due to delays caused by COVID-19, unfortunately, many of these workers are waiting for new work permits and have no income,” said Nunez.

During the event, workers and their relatives also had the opportunity to meet for the first time with a settlement worker. Some workers had one-on-one sessions with Nunez to solve pending processes such as enrollment of their Medical Service Plan (MSP) coverage or reactivation of the SIN number with the Canada Revenue Agency. Souvenirs, snacks, and fact sheets with information on COVID-19, financial support programs and tip lines in Canada were distributed by MOSAIC staff.

For Nunez, meeting with workers while still following COVID-19 safety protocols was essential to providing the best possible support. Many workers do not speak English, and Nunez communicates with them through Zoom or WhatsApp, leading to delays when contacting government offices on their behalf.

“I also met with their families, with the wives and children of these workers, and it gives me a better idea of their current needs. For many workers, the needs they had when they first came to Canada have changed, especially with COVID.”

MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program has been working hard to collaborate with foreign consulates and embassies to extend support to migrant workers and regularly consults with the government officials on issues related to migrant workers.

“Partnering with consulates and embassies from foreign countries have benefited temporary foreign workers as it strengthens the work we do in support of workers’ rights in BC,” said Dennis Juarez, Manager of MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program.

If you are looking for support from MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program or finding out more information, click here.