MOSAIC celebrates 45 years

March 23, 2021

What is your MOSAIC Moment?

That will be the key question as MOSAIC marks a significant milestone — 45 years of engaging newcomers and helping them integrate into communities.

More than four decades ago, two grassroots agencies dedicated to serving immigrants in Vancouver came together – and since that day in 1976, MOSAIC has remained committed to its roots of serving newcomers and enriching communities.

MOSAIC is one of Canada’s largest settlement and employment services non-profit organizations made up of deeply committed people who support newcomers and those with diverse backgrounds.

“Diversity makes Canada strong. Opportunities and voice need to be given to newcomers who bring expertise, strength and resiliency to shape our communities and workplaces,” said Olga Stachova, Chief Executive Officer.

Each year, approximately 35,000 newcomers to BC receive direct employment or settlement support or are connected to MOSAIC. MOSAIC serves newcomers coming to Canada through all immigration streams, whether they arrive as immigrants and refugees to settle here permanently or seek asylum in Canada, or whether they come on a temporary basis as international students or migrant workers.

With 51 locations in Greater Vancouver, 337 full- and part-time staff and 528 active volunteers, MOSAIC provides 38 programs and supports 83 languages. Nationally and internationally, MOSAIC participates in more than 43 coalitions and partnerships. Read more.

But numbers aren’t the heart of MOSAIC – it’s the moments that count.

“This year, we place the focus on MOSAIC Moments – the moments that made us who we are as an organization, the moments that changed the lives of the newcomers we proudly serve, and the moments that touched the hearts of our staff, partners, and supporters who make our work possible,” said Stachova

Throughout 2021, MOSAIC will be launching a series of events to mark the historic occasion, and to capture MOSAIC Moments.

“We want to hear from you – what is your MOSAIC moment? Did you learn English through our classes? Did you find a job through our Employment program? Did a MOSAIC staff member make you feel welcome in your new home in Canada? Whatever your journey with MOSAIC has been, we invite you to mark this historic occasion with us,” said Stachova.

MOSAIC Moments can be shared:

  • By submitting a MOSAIC Moment form here

“MOSAIC thanks everyone who has been part of our organization and history for the past 45 years,” said Stachova. “We look forward to celebrating our 45th anniversary with you throughout the year!”