Celebrating Excellence: MOSAIC Awards 2024

June 14, 2024

The annual MOSAIC Awards ceremony, held on June 13, 2024, celebrated the outstanding achievements of 13 individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting newcomers and fostering diversity in Canada. The event highlighted the contributions of refugees, immigrants, and advocates who have made significant impacts in their communities.

With $44,000 in scholarships and awards, the MOSAIC Awards serve as a golden opportunity for immigrants and refugees to advance their education and be recognized for their impactful contributions.

The ceremony commenced with a Traditional Welcome performed by the Eagle Song Dancers, setting a tone of respect and inclusivity. Following this, Anne Kang, MLA Burnaby, addressed the land acknowledgement and emphasized the importance of MOSAIC’s work in building a welcoming and loving community.

“Tonight we celebrate the talent, the experience, the courage, and the resilience of the newcomers, immigrants, and refugees,” said Olga Stachova, CEO of MOSAIC. “Tonight we also celebrate the incredible contributions to the fields of human rights, equity, inclusion, and diversity.”

This year’s Employer Recognition Award goes to Metro Vancouver, for their ongoing efforts in creating a workplace that supports the principles of multiculturalism and employment equity.

Megan Dykeman, MLA, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-profits, presented the prestigious Human Rights Award. Nila Ibrahimi, the recipient, shared her inspiring story, stating, “This is not about me. This award is for appreciating the resilience, bravery, and power of Afghan girls. From everything we’ve been through, and we are going through, and how we have not given up in the face of injustice and inhuman actions towards us. This award is for every girl who’s waiting behind the doors of schools, for every woman who’s deprived of the right to work, and every female who’s deprived of a life.”

The 2024 MOSAIC awards recipients are as follows:

  • Human Rights Award – Nila Ibrahimi
  • Employer Recognition Award – Metro Vancouver
  • Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award – Muhaddisa Sarwari
  • Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Scholarship Award – Rachel Kimani
  • Goodell Scholarship – Josh Stephens
  • Dr. Kes Chetty Education Awards – Rema Estifanos Werede, Natalia Melnykova, and Sania Naqvi
  • MOSAIC Educational Enhancement Awards – Ruqaiya A., Vitaliia Atamaniuk, Yahya Bakour, Tom K., and Abdelrahman Mustafa

MOSAIC extends heartfelt gratitude to RBC, the presenting sponsor of the MOSAIC Awards, and Global BC, the Community Sponsor. Their support and partnership are crucial in making these awards possible and in celebrating the achievements of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities.

Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and their commitment to building a better, more inclusive society. Find more detailed information about the MOSAIC Awards and stay tuned on MOSAIC’s social media channels to learn about each award winner’s journey: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.