MOSAIC AGM 2013 Highlights!

October 20, 2013

Besides the business side of the AGM, MOSAIC’s AGM has many other very attractive sides to it, and this year’s event was even more so.Our Keynote speaker, Dr Catherine Dauvergne, Professor of Law at UBC, spoke passionately about the legal and policy frameworks that determine who can come to Canada. Using four themes: velocity,insecurity, hostility and economics, she elaborated on how Canadian politics and public attitude, are shifting.Our Human Rights Award recipient this year is Sister Deborah Isaac, very well known for her work with separated children and human trafficking. She also made a reference to the changing climate towards immigrants and immigration, specifically to refugees.Fortinet Technologies, this year’s Employer Recognition Award recipient, spoke about relationships and connections that help meet employers and client needs.The evening finished with heartwarming concluding remarks by past-President of the Board, Karimah Es Sabar, in which she tied MOSAIC’s achievements of the year, the somber analysis of Canadian immigration systems by Prof. Dauvergne, the celebratory experience of Sister Isaacs contribution to make Canada a better place for many refugees, and the hope demonstrated by young Siam, recipient of the Kes Chetty Educational Award,  for the future of Canada.