MOSAIC’s 12th Annual Job Fair connects thousands of newcomers to immediate jobs

May 14, 2024

On May 14, 2024, the Anvil Centre in New Westminster welcomed more than 2,500 attendees to MOSAIC’s 12th Annual Job Fair, a key event designed to connect newcomers with immediate employment opportunities. The substantial turnout underscored the event’s critical role in response to current economic trends in British Columbia.                        Job Fair Vancouver

Peter Julian, Member of Parliament for New Westminster-Burnaby, warmly welcomed attendees in multiple languages and acknowledged the significant impact of the event on both individual lives and the broader economy. The job fair showcased 50 exhibitors from key sectors such as public service, construction, retail, healthcare, and technology, all actively hiring and eager to meet potential employees.

Recent data from the Government of Canada reveals a 0.2% growth in British Columbia’s job market in March 2024, adding 6,600 new jobs primarily in full-time positions. However, the unemployment rate saw a slight increase to 5.5%, indicating a labor force expansion that outpaces job creation and underscores the continued demand for such job fairs.

Olga Stachova, CEO of MOSAIC, expressed gratitude to all the exhibitors and sponsors at the event, emphasizing the transformative potential of the event. “This is where the magic happens,” she remarked. “This is where you have the chance to change people’s lives, to significantly change someone’s career trajectory, and impact their quality of life and self-confidence.”

The event was particularly notable for its strong representation from the public sector, both federally and provincially, demonstrating their commitment to building a diverse workforce. Nick, a recruiter from BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS), was thrilled with the job seeker turnout. “We met with awesome people and motivated candidates today,” he said, “We would love to be back next year.”

The fair also made strides in inclusivity, providing early entrance for people with disabilities, a pioneering initiative in the region that sets a new standard for accessibility at employment events. Over the last 11 years, the MOSAIC job fair has seen participation from more than 21,000 job seekers and 600 employers, with many attendees securing employment directly at the event.

Nasim, an electrical engineer professional from Iran, shared her personal experience: “The job fair is perfect. As a newcomer, I felt disappointed about not finding any job. But seeing so many nice people here, I have the hope again to find a good job.”

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