More investment needed to bolster inclusivity in B.C.

July 27, 2022

During recent province-wide consultations, MOSAIC provided three evidence-based recommendations to help shape the B.C. government’s 2023 budget.

These recommendations would see improvements to well-being and labour outcomes for newcomers across B.C. by increasing funding for Canadian work experience and training programs for recent immigrants, creating an emergency support fund for migrant workers in addition to unhindered access to the BC Medical Services Plan and providing culturally safe low-barrier mental health services for ethno-cultural communities and newcomers.

Recommendation One

Dedicate funding to programs providing Canadian workplace experience for immigrant professionals through co-ops and internships which will provide hands-on experience and training in Canadian workplace culture, allowing employers to test-drive talent and improving outcomes for newcomers in obtaining skills-commensurate employment.

Recommendation Two

Create a permanent emergency support fund for migrant workers in BC and waive the 3-month waiting
period for the BC Medical Services Plan for eligible migrant workers. This will provide security and
stability for migrant workers allowing them to thrive and contribute their much-needed skills and labour in our province.

Recommendation Three

Increase funding for settlement organizations to provide mental health services that are trauma-informed, culturally-safe, language specific, and uniquely respond to the intersecting vulnerabilities of migrant communities. Removing barriers to access without need to prove immigration status is integral
to this approach.

Read the full consultation submission here.