Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers Forum Held at MOSAIC

January 21, 2019

MOSAIC hosted a Temporary Foreign Workers Forum at its headquarters on January 18. The full day event was organized by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development’s Migrant Worker Support Network and brought together approximately 60 stakeholders including migrant workers; community groups assisting migrant workers; representatives from foreign consulates; special interest groups; other immigrant serving organizations; and both provincial and federal government staff.

The objectives for the forum included:

  • Building collaboration between various interest and support groups
  • Ensuring support for the safety and protections of migrant workers on the job
  • Assessment of needs for migrant workers
  • Improving the migrant workers program

MOSAIC offers programs and services for migrant workers, including settlement and legal services.

Following the January 18th forum, the Philippine Consulate General and Philippine Overseas Labour Office hosted the Temporary Foreign Workers Convention at MOSAIC the following day, where 50+ participants attended the consular’s outreach event. Click here for a summary report (PDF).

MOSAIC’s IM.POWER.ED for Temporary Foreign Workers program provides free settlement services, legal information, and English language activities specifically designed for individuals in Canada on a temporary work permit, study permit, refugee claimants or those awaiting permanent residency.To learn more, please visit mosaicbc.org/tfw.